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How do I know if my locator is working?
How do I know if my locator is working?

How to check locator information

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If there is an issue with your vehicle or locator, we will surface a notification on the group screen that will direct you to more detailed information on the issue. If you do not see a blue alert badge on the My Assets tab, your locator should be functioning as expected.

To check your locator's current health state:

  1. From the RecovR app, select the vehicle that is carrying the locator you wish to check

  2. Scroll down to the Locator Details button at the bottom of the screen

  3. On the Locator Details screen, your locator's ID, health status, land battery % will be displayed. If something is wrong with your locator (for instance, if its battery is low or it needs to be replaced), it will be surfaced on this screen

If you have checked your locator's health status and it appears to be healthy but still isn't behaving as expected, please contact our support team by opening the RecovR tab in the navigation pane.

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