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How do I reset my password?

What to do if you forgot or need to change your password.

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You can reset your password from 2 places within the mobile app: the login screen and, if logged in, within the Notifications section of Account.

Login Screen

If you want to reset your password from the Login screen, click the forgot password button. From here you can use the reset link or one-time access code to proceed with resetting your password.

Note: you must use the email address or phone number that you used when signing up for your RecovR account.

Send Reset Link

Receive an email - the link in the email will deep link them back to the app to reset their password.


Reset Password with One-Time Code

Receive a one-time access code via email or SMS from the login screen.


Account Settings

If you already logged in and you want to update your password you can do so via the Login & Security section of Account Settings.


Forgot your password? You can also use the Forgot Password option on the same page within settings to receive a one-time access code to be able to reset it.


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