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How do I see my vehicle's location?
How do I see my vehicle's location?

Use the Locate Me feature to get your vehicle's current position

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The vehicle's position at its last heartbeat will be visible on the map view within the RecovR app. The vehicle's position typically updates every 15 minutes while in motion or 1 hour while stationary. If the vehicle is currently in motion, we will state so in the vehicle's card, as shown in the example below.

However, it is possible to request a more updated location on an as-needed basis. To get your vehicle's most recent location:

  1. Login to the RecovR mobile app

  2. Tap on the vehicle that you would like to locate

  3. Tap the blue refresh button shown below (as outlined in red). You can request a location update whether your vehicle is stationary or in motion. However, keep in mind that it will drain your locator's battery.

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