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Map & Timestamp Views
Written by Amine El Mlaheg
Updated over a week ago


The key’s position will typically report in real-time so that the timestamp will be “Now” by default. However, if there is a problem connecting to the tag, then a timestamp from the past would be shown. Here is the timestamp logic, which is the same as outlined for Vehicles:


  • If updated in the last 5 minutes: Now

  • If updated since 12:00AM today: Today at {{time}}

  • If updated between 12:00AM yesterday and 11:59 PM yesterday: Yesterday at {{time}}

  • If updated between 12:00AM 6 days ago and 11:59 PM the day before yesterday: {{Day}} at {{time}} - example: Monday at 3:45 PM

  • If the update occurred more than a week ago: {{Date}} at {{time}} - example: May 3 at 3:45 PM

Possible States

Known Position & Location Access is Enabled

Key in Range2.png
  • The location pin is close to the key on the map (when location access is enabled).

  • Time is now

Location Access Not Currently Enabled


A map view will still be shown because location access had been enabled in the past but is not enabled currently.

  • No location pin is shown.

  • Map position and timestamp reflect the last known location of the keys (time is not now)

The key is Out of Range from the Phone.

  • The location pin is NOT close to the key on the map (because the key’s location only updates when your key is close to your phone).

  • The key icon is in the last known location. Time is not now

The last position of the keys is unknown

Key in Range4.png

If location access was never enabled,

  • We show a banner to direct users to enable location access

  • Blurred-out map of the region where we suspect the key is located

  • No location pin

  • No address or timestamp

  • Directions and Share buttons are removed

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