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RecovR For Keys: Important Permissions on the Mobile Phone
RecovR For Keys: Important Permissions on the Mobile Phone
Written by Amine El Mlaheg
Updated over a week ago


2 types of permissions must be enabled for all functions to work correctly:

  1. The phone must be connected to Bluetooth, and

  2. Location services must be enabled.

The user is prompted to turn on these alerts during onboarding; if they opt to skip, we will still alert them within the app. They will see notifications to turn on the relevant permissions at the top of their phone’s screen, and they will be unable to close them until they are enabled.

Permission #1: Not Connected to Bluetooth

If the key is not connected to BLE:

  • The key’s last known location will be shown in the map

  • The timestamp will NOT be now

  • The Find Key feature will be disabled


Turning on Bluetooth

Users would get routed to their phone’s Settings to turn on bluetooth permissions. Once Bluetooth is turned on, the Find Key feature may take a minute to connect and the user may encounter a loading state when they tap it. However, it should work shortly thereafter.


Please note the way of activating Bluetooth may depends on your phone operating system.

Permission #2: Location Services Not Enabled

This alert is shown if location services are not enabled. If this is the case, no location pin would be shown in the map view, and the timestamp would not be now. The Find Key feature would still work.


Enabling Location Services

Users will also be routed to their phone’s Settings to turn on location services. They will see a message in the pop-up that informs them which permissions they will need to activate (”Always” or “While Using the App”). If the user does NOT select the Always or While Using options, the error message will remain.


Please note the way of activating location services may depends on your phone operating system.

Both Permissions are Disabled

If both alerts are present (not connected to Bluetooth; location permissions not enabled), we can show a rollup badge instead. Then, we’d first direct them to turn on Bluetooth, and the user will proceed to the flow shown previously. After that’s done, we’ll replace the rollup badge with the Enable Location alert.


Enabling Both Permissions

If the user has to address both settings alerts, then we will show a rollup banner that first directs them to turn on Bluetooth. When that is done, then they’ll see a banner directing them to go through the Enabling Location Services flow.


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