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Battery Alerts on Mobile App
Battery Alerts on Mobile App
Written by Amine El Mlaheg
Updated over a week ago


The only alert associated with key tags is a low battery alert. No alerts will be present for keys. A low battery alert will appear as a blue badge on the detail screen and as a blue alert icon on the group screen. The blue alert icon will remain on the Tag Details button on the item screen, even if a user closes out the badge.

Low Battery

A low battery alert is triggered at 20%. Unlike locators, we are able to tell the user what the battery percent is for their key tag.


Dead Battery

There is no dedicated “dead battery” alert, as it will not be apparent whether the issue is resulting from a dead battery or from the key being out of range. So, if the key tag is out of battery, the alert card will look the same as it does for Low Battery alerts (as shown above). However, the battery percentage shown will reflect the last reported level before it died, and the Find Key functionality will not work (an error message will appear when the button is clicked).

Push Notifications

A push notification will be shown to the user when the battery is at 20% (when the low battery alert is first triggered) and again at 5%. No email or text notifications will be sent to the user; therefore, users who don’t have push notifications enabled won’t know about the battery issue until they log in to the RecovR app.


Battery Alerts and Permissions Alerts

A battery AND a permissions alert can be triggered for a given key tag. If so, the persistent permissions banner will remain on the screen, and the blue alert badge will appear on both the group and the item screens.

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