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Congratulations on your new RecovR Vehicle Theft & Loss Recovery System! This guide will help you quickly set up your device, activate the app, and start using your product to keep your vehicle and keys secure.

Step 1: Unboxing Your Product

Inside your RecovR package, you should find:

  • The RecovR locator device

  • Quick start guide

Before installation, please ensure you have the RecovR mobile app downloaded on your smartphone. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. [add download links or icons]

Step 2: Placing RecovR in the Vehicle

Installation Overview: The RecovR Theft Recovery device is made for hassle-free setup in your vehicle, giving you a simple and effective way to find your vehicle whenever you need it.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Choose a Location: Select a location in your vehicle to place the RecovR device. Avoid areas that are easily visible or accessible to ensure the device remains hidden and difficult for potential thieves to find.

    Please note: Metals can interfere with GPS fixes and could result in unreliable location updates. Place RecovR in seat pockets, under fabrics, upholstery, carpet and plastic surfaces. Some recommended locations are:

  1. Under dashboard

  2. Glove box (around/under, but not inside!)

  3. Inside seat

  4. Door pocket/inside door panel

  5. Under floor carpet

  6. Under seat

  7. Inside rear panels/liners

  8. Under the carpet/panel below the rear window (sedans)

  • Secure the Device: Use the adhesive on the back of your RecovR locator to affix the device to a flat surface so it does not move. Alternatively, use a zip tie (not included) to affix RecovR via the hole at the top of the device to a seat frame or another suitable object.

Step 3: Use the App for the First Time

  1. Download the App: If you haven't already, download the RecovR app from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Find Your Activation E-Mail: You should have received an Activation E-Mail from RecovR that includes instructions about how to activate the app. Your e-mail address is your user name. Your RecovR device is already paired to your account and should appear when you log in for the first time.

  3. Check Your Location: Within the app, follow the instructions to log in and check the location of your vehicle. Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes for your vehicle’s location to update once it has stopped moving.

Step 4: Using Your RecovR App

  • Locate Your Vehicle: Use the RecovR app to locate your vehicle whenever you need to. Please note that RecovR provides the position of where your vehicle last stopped, and doesn’t provide its live location.

  • Get Alerts If Your Vehicle Moves: Turn this feature on in the app to receive notifications whenever your vehicle moves. To avoid getting movement alerts when you don’t want them, you can always turn the feature off again.

  • Theft Recovery Mode – In the unfortunate event of a theft, go to the app and click on “Has your vehicle been stolen?”. You will be walked step-by-step on how to communicate with law enforcement and how to provide them with access to RecovR to locate and return your vehicle as quickly as possible. Turning on Theft Recovery Mode increases the frequency of location reporting so that law enforcement can recover your vehicle more easily.

Support and Resources

For any questions or support:

  • FAQs: Visit our website for answers to common questions.

  • Customer Support: Contact our support team through the app or our website if you need assistance.


Thank you for choosing RecovR to protect your vehicle. We're committed to providing you with a secure and user-friendly experience. Welcome to the RecovR family!

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